Symphony of Hope Project

Symphony of Hope is a collaboration by 25 leading Oscar, Tony, Grammy and Emmy winning composers to benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief.   The album is now released. Please support! Read more: Symphony of Hope Website Buy the Album on Amazon Buy the Album on iTunes

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Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III Released

Tim Wynn teams up with Jason Graves to create this fantasy score. Read the feature here

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Timothy Michael Wynn

Interview with Tim Wynn (July 2011)

Interview Subject: Tim Wynn Interviewer: Matt Diener Editor: Chris Greening Coordination: Matt Diener, Chris Greening Read the interview at Square Enix Music Online

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To Save a Life

Tim Scores the Feature Film “To Save A Life”

Tim scores the inspirational movie To Save a Life. The movie was released in theaters in 2009. It was just released on DVD. Read more here: To Save a Life Official Website Buy the Soundtrack Check out the Trailer    

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Lucky Seven is a Top Rated Show

  Wynn breaks new ground scoring a top rated show in Japan, Lucky Seven. The soundtrack will be available on Feb 27, 2012. Music produced by Timothy Michael Wynn  and Koyo Sonae.

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Command & Conquer Tiberium Twilight Released

The score and the game by EA Games turned out great. Score by Timothy Michael Wynn, Jason Graves and James Hannigan. Buy the soundtrack on iTunes Check out the Command & Conquer 4 Music Video

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Tim Scores the World’s First 3D Television Series: Tokyo Control

  Tim scores the world’s first 3D television series by Sony, a drama about air traffic controllers dubbed “Tokyo Control.” The 10-episode series, produced by Fuji TV debuted on satellite broadcaster SkyPerfecTV’s 3D channel in Japan in January 2012. Music produced by Timothy Michael Wynn  and Koyo Sonae. Read more  

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To Save a Life Soundtrack

  Check out the soundtrack for the feature film To Save a Life on iTunes. Buy the Soundtrack

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Tim Conducts the theme for Red Faction Guerrilla with the Golden State Symphony Orchestra

  Tim Conducts the theme for Red Faction: Guerrilla with the Golden State Symphony Orchestra at the Video Game Soundtracks concert. Read the Review  

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Red Faction Guerilla

Red Faction Guerilla is Released

“…the soundtrack is literally of Hollywood Blockbuster calibre… Superb.” “Finally, the soundtrack of Red Faction Guerrilla is the final element that pushes this game over the top. Composed by Tim Wynn of Sonic Fuel and performed by the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, the soundtrack is literally of Hollywood blockbuster calibre…Superb.” “For action-adventure and shooter fans looking […]

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Tim Scores Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

The epic orchestral soudtrack by Timothy Michael Wynn along with James Hannigan and Frank Klepacki was released in Spring 2009. Read More: EA’s blog

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The gang

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Recorded at Skywalker Ranch

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 recorded with the Skywalker Symphony at Skywalker Ranch.    

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Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising

Timothy Michael Wynn scores the expansion pack for the blockbuster game, Red Alert 3. Red Alert 3: Uprising is available as a download. Read more

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The Simpsons Game Wins a Gang Award

Tim scores the music for The Simpson’s Game. The music team that includes Hans Zimmer Chris Lennertz and James Dooley, wins a Gang award. Read more: Gang Award Related Images:

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The Simpsons Game is Recorded at Skywalker Ranch

Tim scores the music for The Simpson’s Game. The music team included Hans Zimmer, Chris Lennertz and James Dooley. The score for The Simpsons Game was recorded with the Skywalker Symphony at Skywalker Ranch. See more photos Related Images:

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Behind the Music of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

It’s been seven long years since the last installment of the Red Alert series, and the world of music in games has changed considerably in that time. These days, concerts of game music performed by orchestras and choirs have become almost commonplace worldwide; the barriers between game, film and television composers are becoming nonexistent, with […]

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Red Faction’s Guerilla’s Sophisticated side: Orchestral music from Timothy Wynn

Read the review on Original Sound Version Website

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