XCOM 2 Coming February 5th

Tim Wynn is set to score ‘XCOM 2′, an upcoming video game in development by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games.  ‘XCOM 2′ serves as a sequel to 2012’s reboot of the series ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ and will take place 20 years after the events of Enemy Unknown.

The game will come out on February 5th. Watch the trailer here.



5 Responses to “XCOM 2 Coming February 5th”

  1. Patrik:

    The Xcom 2 score is the one i think about when people ask me why i want to get into film and game music (ive recently started a composer student program)

    Even a year after release its not possible to hear Squad loadout and not have the hair all over stand up.

  2. Alexander:

    While I was playing the game, I was constantly thinking about how good Michael McCann tried, I admired each composition. And very surprised to learn after completing it’s your job. If XCOM Enemy Unknown had several conventional compositions, in XCOM 2 everything osts – excellent. It’s like the perfect duo with Michael McCann and Hans Zimmer. From now on, I’m your fan. Keep up the good work and good luck!

    Translated with Google translator from Russian.

  3. MG:

    Really awesome score – Squad Loadout is incredible! Congratulations!

  4. Jonathan Jeewooth:

    Good Job with the soundtrack

  5. Mew:

    Holy shit yes dude! Damn that Squad Loadout is the best thing I’ve heard in a while in Video Games. It’s perfect I literally just sat there in the menu to listen to the music!

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