Darkness II Released

The highly anticipated video game Darkness II is released.  Featuring the orchestral horror score by Timothy Michael Wynn.
UGO gives it a 10/10.
“The Music if beautiful, if not haunting…”
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17 Responses to “Darkness II Released”

  1. Bioscope:

    I only now discovered your penchant for the adagio, but from DUNGEON SIEGE III, actually. You are brilliant, and sensitive. Something sometimes lacking in game scoring. A pity that that THE DARKNESS II OST was not released. Any chance of a promo release, pretty pleae?

  2. Michael J. Riser:

    Any word on this? I’ve seen the tracks up at youtube but other than the licensed score (honestly, does anyone buy those stupid things?) I’ve seen no mention anywhere of the Darkness II OST. Enjoyed much of what I heard and would love to have it alongside the original. I’m almost inclined to go to the effort of grabbing the tracks from the youtube streams, but… urg.

    I wonder where that uploader even got them. Terribly frustrating!

    Would love to get an update on this if you’re around to give one, Tim.

  3. Rayearth:

    Is the idea dead? :(

    • Tim:

      Hey Rayearth….It’s not looking good. 2K doesn’t seem inclined to make it happen. Wish it was, since I love how the soundtrack turned out… Email me and I will see if there any promo copies available.


      • Rayearth:

        For some time I still had hope that the score would be released eventually. Now I read Your reply and know that I can listen to some of the tracks only on soundcloud.com.

        Tim, if there are still some promo copies left then I would be one hell of a happy guy to receive it. If not, I will look forward to come across some of Your work in the future :)

        Don’t know how exactly contact You directly by email so I will leave my address. If You have a little spare time to write mi, I’d be honored hear form You.

        maciejsopolak (at) gmail.com

        Best regards,

  4. Scottfree:

    Any news on the ‘possible’ Darkness II Score release. I’m prepared to pay any amount of cash.

    • Tim:

      Hey Scott,

      Still trying to get it released. Check your email…



  5. Adam:

    Dear Tim, you are the best composer ! ! !
    What music (on piano) in The Darkness 2 – in Hospital and cemetry (near the grave of Aunt Sarah’s) is wonderful, please help

  6. Adam:

    Dear Tim, you are the best composer ! ! !
    What music in The Darkness 2 – in Hospital (on piano) is wonderful, please help

    • Tim:


      Sorry for the delay. I have the piano music and I can send it to you if you are interested.



  7. Pvtmcmuffin:

    Tim ive played through the darkness 2 and enjoyed the soundtrack alot infact for me it’s the main reason i recommend this game to my friends im looking forward to the Original soundtrack being released.

    • Tim:


      Hey! Thanks for the support. I truly appreciate the comments! I hope to have concrete info soon.



  8. Rayearth:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    A simple iTunes album release would be nice, but an Audio CD will be a “dream come true” 😉


    • Wilma:

      I found just what I was needed, and it was enntitarnieg!

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  9. Rayearth:

    Why this bueatiful soundtrack isn’t going to be released? :(

    • Tim:


      Thanks for the message. We are trying to make that happen. Thank you for the compliment! Stay tuned hopefully we should have something soon.


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